Daycare Center Transportation

Students will not be permitted to ride school buses other than the bus or buses initially assigned by the Transportation Department.
Primary transportation will be designed to transport students to and from the school or schools assigned from their place of residence within the district or from a daycare provider specified by the parent or guardian before the start of the school year.
A "Daycare Release Form" is required to be completed, signed and returned to the Transportation Department before any transportation for daycare is provided. Transportation to licensed daycare facilities within the district and the attendance area of the student's assigned school is provided on a space available/five-day per week basis.
Accommodations for transportation one day to the home and the next day to the daycare, or mornings to one location and afternoons to another cannot be made.
Once daycare busing is assigned, arrangements requiring students to be transported elsewhere are the parent's/guardian's responsibility. Students identified as "walkers" will not be permitted to ride the school buses to and from the assigned "home" stop.